Our Cider

We press and ferment our cider only once a year in Autumn when the apples are at their peak ripeness.  The fruit is washed and hand sorted, then pressed with our Rack & Cloth cider press.  We fermented in various vessels, the smallest a 30 gallon oak barrel and the largest being our beautiful 50hL French oak foudre. The cider is allowed to ferment slowly, often taking three months or more months to finish.

We minimize handling and meddling with the process, choosing to create a favorable environment for the cider and believing that it knows best.  Our cider is not filtered or fined and is therefore very much a living product.  This means that as the year progresses the cider will continue to mature and develop.

We believe that good fruit and thoughtful cidermaking create a nuanced and balanced beverage.  We hope you agree!

On Tap Now:

2016 Étienne – 6.9% ABV

This single-varietal (Winesap) cider is the result of our first fermentation in the 50hL French oak foudre we imported from Médoc in 2014.  Affectionately known as “Steve” (or “Étienne,” en français) the foudre imparts earthy notes and plenty of tannin without the oaky flavors commonly associated with barrel fermentations.  Crisp, tart, and more complex than the Stony Pig.

2016 O.P.P. – 6.5% ABV

This off-dry cider is refreshingly fruity (but not sweet!) with a subtle effervescence–a result of natural cask carbonation. To keep a little r.s. (residual sugar) we keep a close eye on the ferment and use technique and timing to stop the process before the yeast consume all of the natural sugars. We’re down with O.P.P.

2016 Good Fences – 6.9% ABV

This barrel selection is fermented and aged nine to 17 months in a variety of oak vessels.

 We occasionally bring out something special–aged ciders, single varietals, single-barrel ferments, or even a single varietal fermented in a single barrel.  There’s no rhyme or reason to their release, it’s usually just because we feel like mixing it up.  If you’d like to hear about special releases, the best way to find out about them is to “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.